Why doesn’t my husband spend quality time with me? Make Him Yours Again!

The problem which I am going to share with you is the most common issue one can find in marriage.

And this is Where the question of “Why doesn’t my husband spend quality time with me?” Arises.

It is the complaint of every second wife of a husband.

I have discussed this problem with many wives.

What they told me only the situations in which they feel lonely even in the company of their husbands.

Then I further discussed this problem and came to know about the reasons of this nagging question why doesn’t my husband spend quality time with me.

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First of all, we must understand what quality time is?

The answer is giving, someone your undivided attention and only focuses your attention on a single person.

I bet if your husband is treating you like as if you are not present there, you will be angry.

And a couple ceases to be a real couple when they rarely find time to be together to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

I will give you one example to make you understand. Let’s say you show some loving attention and he pulls away all he keeps on using his Facebook or watching Netflix.

You surely feel like he is rejecting you. It can be a little frightening when you start thinking if your husband still loves you, why else would he be ignoring me.

Now I will focus on the reasons.

No more sexual desires

This is a possibility that your husband has been distancing from you because he has lost interest in sex.

If your husband does not want to be intimate with you then it is one of the reasons.

Porn movies

Sometimes the husband gets attracted to words porn movies. He becomes addicted to them that he does not need his wife for Gratification.

Another woman

There is a possibility that there is somebody else in your husband’s life. The outcome is that your husband becomes detached and less interested in you.

Other interests

There is a possibility that your husband has some other competing interests and hobbies, as a result, he can get sucked into these time-consuming activities.

Change in priorities

With time, there is a change in priorities. Now he has more interest in his work.

He starts spending more time at work to earn money. Most of the time, it is the work that has drawn him in, leaving less precious time to spend with you.


Sometimes, your husband is experiencing some stress.

And he does not want you to be bothered about.

Mostly men are designed to build a wall around them sells in case of stress.

And you feel alone and lonely and feel “why doesn’t my husband spend quality time with me?”


When you and your husband big enough family, it is natural that there will be a sacrifice in the amount of quality time you people spend together.

Your children will surely consumer chunk of your time. And in this situation, it is natural to spend less time together.


It is also possible that your husband has some health issues or it is due to growing demands at work and responsibilities at home, he becomes emotionally exhausted or even depressed or it could be possible that your husband finds himself chronically ill.

Techniques to reverse the situation

First of all, they are wise; don’t jump to any conclusions that your husband doesn’t love you.

Because you are spending less time. You Should Try to spend time together and do things that are fun and memorable

Try to change and healthy routine

Try to talk to your husband directly and have a serious discussion. Also pinpoint the problem and tell him how that particular reason is affecting the relationship on a personal level.

Sometimes it is possible that your husband may not even realize that he is pulling away from you

And that you feel less important and this question pops up again and again “Why doesn’t my husband spend quality time with me?”

Try to rekindle the romance in your boring marriage.

Give him a surprise, plan a date, and spend time together.

Now it is the time to shake up your Sex life while sex may not be the center of all the things that make the relationship fruitful but its importance should not be underestimated.

There is a possibility that you are not giving time to yourself.

Means you’re not taking care of yourselves.

Now, wives, it is time to join the gym, shed extra kilos, and change your wardrobe and your hairstyle.

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