My Boyfriend Is Acting Weird And Distant- Get Him back

We deal with various cases on daily bases and what is the most frequent problem which is found is that girls say that my boyfriend is acting weird and distant.

So firstly let’s learn that there is a big difference between the reality and assumptions.

Most of the time girls being a bit more emotional as in comparison to boys do make a lot many assumptions.
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Assumptions of their boyfriend are cheating on them, the boyfriend has lost interest, and my boyfriend is acting distant and weird, etc. etc.

Many times the situation isn’t that complicated than the way we complicate it.

Do we know That We always have a justified answer to a few questions we are about to ask especially to the people we love?

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For instance now if I ask my husband that are you annoyed with me?

Moreover, he merely answers NO. Ok problem solved.

But but but … the problem doesn’t end here and the trail of questions and answers to oneself won’t end here

Now I think that he is annoyed so I have made a decision and I have gone to a conclusion that from the inner side he is annoyed with me, but he’d answer me with a big NO.

Now see this is entirely my assumption that he is annoyed even after answering that he isn’t.

It is the mind who is actually in trouble.

Uhmmm… now I won’t say all the times these intuitions, or I would instead tell thoughts are assumptions.

It may be true sometimes as well…

So talking on the issue of my boyfriend is acting distant and weird there are some facts which are essential in the decision making of is your boyfriend acting distant and weird?


Leave everything apart let’s first know how you feel that your boyfriend is distant as compared to the previous time spent together…

You start feeling isn’t relating to you the way he used to?

Is he not paying that kind of attention which he paid earlier?

Is he always stressed and rude?

Doesn’t he text you 20 times a day the way he did earlier?

If yes then I think I have come close to your problem.

So girls time to jump into the reasons now…

He’s worried about the relationship

Usually, when boys get committed to someone in actual they start thinking about the relationship seriously and your future with them.

He is just thinking something in his mind, and it has nothing to do with being distant and weird so far.

He wants free time

Sometimes even you need to understand that maybe he isn’t getting enough time for his self.

Maybe he is too busy in his work life, home life and friends life even because he is the one who has to maintain a balance between all the other relationships (family and friends relationship) he shares.

Again he is just busy, not distant.

He’s stressed out

As girls and boys have a different perspective of dealing with stress as in my stress buster is when I share all my problems with my husband on the hand my husband sits quietly and thinks about numerous solutions.

So which concludes that he is not annoyed with you he is just simply stressed about work, family, friends or any possible reason.

You’re needy

Many times we girls don’t realize that we are needy towards our boyfriends.

Boys do not appreciate it and trust me they start getting distant in actual.

He’s cheating on you

Yes, this can be one of the reasons. It can be an excuse of acting distant and weird as well that he must have found somebody else.

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What are the Things which are to be avoided in this situation?

Stop mothering him: mothering is one of the most irritating things in case of boyfriends because what they usually think in their mind is that “I already have a mother at home why is even my girlfriend acting like another.” So girls strictly stop doing this.

Playing mind games to figure out what’s going in his mind: all the girls should agree to this point that girls are way better at playing mind games to see what’s going on in the other person’s mind.

When boyfriends get familiar to these kinds of mind games, it makes them incredibly frustrating.

Making a big issue when he shares something: most of the boys don’t share them as they are grown with few taglines like “boys don’t cry,” “be a man” which tells them to be strong by their own.

When your boyfriend shares his problem with you, please do not make an issue out of it as he needs your support because it was a big deal for him to open up.

Soo…. what if even all this doesn’t work?

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Else We all can hope for the best!

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