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Do you hear your partner’s name within yourself?

I surely do hear his name, his voice, how he calls me and says that he loves me…

So basically what is the true meaning of a relationship?

A relationship where your love for your partner is much higher than your ego.

Where your understanding of each other’s feelings is greater than your conflicts.

Where your emotional bonding is so strong that the fight cannot survive longer than a few mins.

Where there is so much intimacy, honesty, and freedom that there is no room for jealousy.

Where you respect each other’s personal space and where there is no space for a third person to come in between.

A relationship where you treasure and treat each other’s heart as your own.

A true relationship is not a struggle for control, domination, or power it is a struggle for making your bond stronger and stronger each day with more love, peace, and harmony.

A relationship where both partners get inner peace just by being with each other and where all there conflicts and fights end up in each other’s arm

A true relationship where we give time to our partners from our busy schedule

A true relationship is where both of them will give a gesture message every day to make him/her feel good.

And do we ever realize that our daily routines, some misunderstandings, or whatever little reason we mention are just ruining the relationship?

Do we want this?

Of Course not.

So lovelies just don’t worry, I myself is a relationship counselor and truly do follow and implement this amazing relationship guide…



Without wasting any time, I will start jumping into his secret obsession review.

So let me just give a crux about what actually this book is about?

Brief Overview.

His Secret Obsession by James Bauer is for ladies which would like to build their personal relationships a lot better by grasping considerably more about men.

James is a skilled psychologist as well as a relationship guru. And so, naturally, he is the perfect person to publish concerning men within the context of personal relationships.

He has also drafted What men Secretly wish, a guide dealing with very similar subject areas. Therefore, he’s competent on paper at the same time. And then, to be frank, it displays in this specific guide in addition to he normally takes a much more thorough way of the hot issue – what do men truly want?

However, there is a manipulative undertone inside this amazing guide but then the current market of self-help training books is littered with this sort of book. For instance, How to talk to anyone by Leli Lowndes together with the traditional in the genre How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.

In this specific book, James covers one thing labeled’ Hero Instinct’. It seems that it primarily goes over the masculine character of males. The primal intuition of males like sex, thirst, and hunger. Things that create men, certainly, MEN. I wish to apply a bit of Axe simply by paying attention to’ Hero Instinct’.

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All jokes separate, he uses an incredibly enhanced and also thorough take on this unique characteristic and actually offers a number of insightful solutions to ladies for the best way to set off it.

Besides this, he discusses various other attributes of male psychology carefully too. I won’t spoil by adding the strategies right here. You must buy the book in case you sense you are intrigued. although he covers a number of indications or techniques that are going to allow you to lead your connection more effectively.

Who is it meant for? 

This unique manual is clearly composed of girls. Women of all ages that happen to be interested in learning the convoluted thoughts of a man.

It is an excellent study, as well as a lot of the portions of information inside the guide, tend to be really helpful – especially for the ones which might be shopping for it. It’s effectively drafted, substantial, in addition to no bogus. James is needless to say up to date regarding this specific theme and you also can understand a little something in case your connection is sailing steady.

I am a grown-up woman but still, I got yo learn a lot from this beautiful guide. And truly recommend this book to girls and curious bored males like me since it is well written, spicy, well informed, and also an easy read.

Females usually are overthinkers…

Do you think the same?

Basically being afraid of losing somebody or their affection for us counts to be a big deal. Me being a woman even I overthink a lot but since I’ve chosen to be a relationship counselor I started realizing that people have much bigger relationship issues than me. The time I became a counselor, his secret obsession is the best ever relationship guide I came across to and has helped a lot many clients of mine and now most of them are enjoying their happy relationships.

There are few common questions that repeatedly come to mind about men which are…

  • Why do men lose interest in promising relationships and start taking you for granted?
  • Why do they lose interest once the initial intimacy wears off?
  • Why do they avoid committing to a long-lasting relationship?

I am sure many of you must be having an angel and demon war inside your heads in order to get the answers to these very simple and common questions which usually pop up.

But ….you all can win without even fighting a war through this amazing relationship “His Secret Obsession” which is just a click away.

Come.. let’s just elaborate a little more.

I will just simply give you a brief of the contents which the relationship guide deals with in order for the complete his secret obsession review.

Do not care folks below is practically a brief information evaluation of his secret obsession.


Romance Material

You may well believe this is the menu of the basic checklist which signifies how a man is excellent for cuddling and entering into hibernation with. But as an alternative, it is one other way around. These’re certain attributes to grab to make men assume that you are’ relationship/romance material’.

The Personal Island

Picture an island you are caught on and you’re on your own. But instead of dreading this specific spot, you are truly in love with it. Therefore much so you would like to have babies with it. Acceptable, that’s extremely far; though you have the idea. Ladies in case you wish to be that particular island for your man, this amazing manual got you covered.

The Ex Back Signal

Nobody likes breakups. It is just a mess plus usually makes you mentally distraught, although James has several strategies for individuals especially reluctant ladies who are not really geared up to move on. I’m not judging, I have experienced that kind of period too. Regardless, these signals and phrases are going to make your ex crawl directly to you – if that’s the only thing you desire.

The Peek Phase

It is perhaps recognized as one of the finest elements that this guide can instruct females. Just visualize, you greeted him for that very first time and then behold and lo, you wish him to remain genuinely fascinated with you. These tactics are generally to become helpful to pull in that man wishing for even more – desiring to know a lot more about you.

The Damsel in Distress Signal

Everybody enjoys particular attention. Absolutely no different from that. And so, in case you are inside of a look-out for solutions to make your man shell out much more attention to you, subsequently these are certain methods through which you can accomplish it.

I Hold You

Almost as manipulative and negative as it appears, it isn’t. This is to become implemented to make your man open extra to you. In order to help to make him grasp, discuss his secrets, and insecurities together with you.

You know sometimes it becomes quite difficult to handle a simple relationship which was going well just 2 seconds before and is on the verge of getting ruined just because of some stupid misunderstanding, habits or eventually something foolish.

Who in life wants to have just failures in all the relationships they have?



Trying to get into new people is quite an interesting task I guess but at some point in life, one does want somebody permanent right?

The people who come to me are so desperate to save their relationship that they are even ready to try anything.


Do we all believe this?

I am sure we do.

So why make your worthy life not worthy because of some little issues that “we” think are impossible to solve.

This amazing relationship guide, his secret obsession will truly make you his love obsession for life.

So ladies just wait….. You are just a click away from being “forever”…… just don’t miss the chance and believe me you would thank James Bauer throughout a lifetime for writing “HIS SECRET OBSESSION”

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