Emotionally Unavailable Husband Divorce- Is It Right Choice

Marriage means companionship in which individuals becomes one. For both contribute and nurtured their relationship with honesty.

Both of them need involvement in the physical and emotional level.

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And if one aspect is missing, we can’t say that companionship is completed.

Sometimes we observe that some couples are seen very happy, but if we get a chance to peep into their lives, we will surely be shocked to find that on an emotional level they are not connected.

Emotional connectivity is critical for a relationship to be alive.

Despite making efforts to get closer, you could be repeatedly shut down by your spouse.

If this is true about your marriage, then your partner is not attached to you emotionally , and this will lead to divorce.

This problem mostly happens to the husband and the wife is the sufferer.

Some of us can indeed be emotionally not available at some point in our relationships, due to certain past happenings or incidents or circumstances but if the husband is never available to support you emotionally, then it is a danger sign.

Ladies, now I will discuss specific reasons behind this emotional blockage.

It is possible that he is emotionally unavailable husband due to his bad past experiences.

It is quite possible that your husband had gone through a painful break up before he married you or he is going through a tough phase of his life. In this case, his behavior is understandable.

If not, he may not be interested in this relationship.

Most men are not quite open to sharing their feelings and emotions.

But an emotionally and available husband won’t bother to share his feelings and feel reluctant to share his personal thoughts and feelings.

If your spouse never talks and listens, then he is emotionally unavailable husband.

Emotionally and available husband sometimes makes false promises to their partners.

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They need somebody to comfort them.

They only want the other person for their needs.

But they don’t care to cater to their needs. Actually, an emotionally unavailable husband is a perfectly normal individual and is unable to share their deepest emotions with their wives.

They demand attention and love but are incapable of creating an emotional bond with the partners.

What makes more difficult is that outwardly they seem to be caring and affectionate but developed cold feet, when they have to share Emotions at a deeper level.

Emotionally and available husband is like the harshest mother in law. He will be critical for everything you do. He dislikes the way you dress up, the food you cook, the way you talk. He will always try to demoralize you. And this shows his detached attitude to words you.

And the emotionally unavailable husband will shirk responsibilities. He will push you off limits and then blame you for any conflict that arises. He will not share the duties but keeps on reminding you of how you have a failed in various locations.

He will do nothing to maintain harmony in the relationship. He will never initiate conversations. He will always talk about himself, his interests and show no interest in knowing his partner’s interest or likes and dislikes. He tends to forget dates or events important to you.

And emotionally unavailable husband may be a compulsive liar. He may pretend to love you, but in your absence, he will only be seeking new company. There is a possibility that there is another person to whom he is interested and wants to leave you alone.

But before taking Final decision-ladies-take, a deep breath and think calmly.

There is a solution to every problem.

Together we can make the situation positive.

Here come his secret obsessions for your rescue.

If you want to give a chance to your relationship, read this book thoroughly.

his-secret-obsessionThis book will make a huge difference.

In this book, his secret obsessions, various techniques are suggested for your problems.

By applying these methods, you can save your relationship and marriage.

In this book, the writer has given clear cut methods to deal with your problems.

Here are certain methods to deal with an emotionally unavailable husband.

When he is emotionally unavailable, then from the very start be clear of what you expected and what do you want from him. And if you know that he loves you but seems to be withdrawn for some days then try to find out what it is. Some men build walls around them to hide their shortcomings and weaknesses. In such a case, you have to show him that you love him and I said to him with all his flaws.

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Make him believe that it is okay to have flaws, and you will support him.
Sometimes, wives try to change their husband to make them better human beings according to themselves.

But this is wrong. If you don’t like something, tell them with love.

Unable for you love him, then accept him with his shortcomings.

His secret obsessions tell you how bad the situation looks, and your man is losing interest and is emotionally unavailable husband, but it doesn’t matter. The moment you flip the secret trigger in a man’s heart, he will feel desire for you. He will feel the deep connection of his life with you.

So with the help of his secret obsessions, his hero instinct will come out and he will Love you and hold you close throughout his life



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